Phonak Virto Paradise-Titanium Aids Hearing Aids

How Our Process Works

Local Hearing Aid Service

Schedule a appointment appointment for a hearing exam at one of our coinvent locations


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Our hearing exams are free we encourage you to bring someone with a familiar voice such as a spouse or family member

Internet Pricing for Hearing Aids

After your exam we will review the results with you and make recommendations to treat your hearing loss. We offer direct online pricing on all our hearing aids so there are no surprises

hearing aids

Once we receive the order for your new hearing aids, we will schedule a appointment for a fitting. During the fitting we will be programming the hearing aids to your specific loss. We offer flexible monthly payments 

Virto Paradise Titanium: Overview

Not only does Phonak deliver amazing technology in a RIC or BTE style hearing aid. They have also made a lot of advancements for those who desire a hearing aid that is Invisible-in-the-Canal. Virto is now available in the Marvel technology line with a new shell technology that is truly one of a kind

Autosense OS 4.0: Operating System by Phonak

Phonak’s operating system in the Virto Paradise is Autosense OS 4.0. This system was created to achieve the most optimal settings for the hearing aid wearer. Autosense is designed to recognize different sound environments. Through this recognition ability Autosense can automatically change its settings without the hearing aid wearer having to make any physical changes. This gives optimal sound quality in every listening environment.

Titanium Shell

Being made from medical grade titanium, Phonak has created several advantages over hearing aids previously made with acrylic materials. First the titanium is 15 times stronger than traditionally acrylic molds. This helps protect your investment over the years of wearing the hearing and reducing the risk of having to replace a custom made hearing aid due to damage from drops or everyday usage. Secondly the titanium is 50% thinner than previous hearing aids, and the electronics are 60% smaller. Being able to make a hearing aid stronger, thinner, and smaller means that some hearing aid wearers that were not candidates for Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids could now possibly be a candidate for Phonak Virto Marvel-Titanium.

Fitting Range

Despite it’s small size, Virto M-Titanium is powerful. This hearing aid is designed to fit hearing losses ranging from a mild to sever hearing loss.

Integrated Push Button

Previous Invisible-in-the-Canal hearing aids were generally very limited on manual controls to allow the wearer to make volume or program changes. Phonak Virto M-Titanium has push buttons integrated into the battery door. Your Hearing Care Professional can program this button to allow for volume changes or program changes.