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The Latest Hearing Aids from Starkey

Starkey uses a number system to describe the performance technology within each of their hearing devices. Inside each model of their hearing aids the wearer has options for customized performance based on their hearing needs. Their latest and most popular models include the Starkey Livio AI, the Halo IQ, the Muse IQ, and the SoundLens Synergy IQ. We’ll discuss each below.

Starkey Livio AI

The Livio AI hearing aid is a true leap in hearing aid technology. Reported as the first multi-purpose hearing aid, this model is both a hearing aid and a fitness tracker. Starkey calls their new hearing aid a Healthable™, which offers users a host of fitness tracking features through their new Thrive app. Features include physical activity, brain activity and heart rate tracking as well as fall detection technology that automically alerts designated contacts of an emergency.

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Starkey Halo IQ

The Halo IQ is Starkey’s smartphone compatible hearing aid. Halo offers advanced noise reduction technology and precise directional microphones with their Acuity™ Immersion Directionality technology to help make speech sound more natural and easier to hear in today’s complex listening environments. The Halo IQ also offers cool features like geotagged memories that automatically switch modes when the GPS feature in your Apple or Android smartphone detects you are in a tagged location. For example, a “home” memory activates when you arrive at home. For Apple users, the Halo IQ allows wearers direct streaming for phone calls into their hearing aids with the push of a button. Pair with the Trulink app and remote for further control of the sounds around you. Ask your hearing aid provider whether your smartphone is one of the many compatible devices for the Starkey Halo IQ.

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Starkey Muse IQ

The Muse IQ offers five different styles to choose from all providing the wearer with a sense of immersion in the moment, allowing you to feel connected to the sounds you may otherwise miss around you. Now available with the convenience of the industry’s smartest rechargeable solution. This model also offers the Acuity™ Immersion Directionality technology, and Starkey’s best-in-class noise cancelling system to protect the wearer against buzzing and whistling feedback in their ears. The Muse IQ’s rechargeable solution is available with RIC models and offers continuous stable power so you never have to worry about missing a moment of the things that matter most to you. Purchase the Mini Turbo Charger and you can count on a full 3.5 hours of use with just a quick, 7 minute charging session. And pair with Starkey’s Surflink Mobile 2 to add hands-free capabilities to your mobile phone.
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Starkey Soundlens IQ

The SoundLens IQ is Starkey’s most popular invisible hearing solution. Boasted as the world’s smallest and most comfortable in-the-canal hearing aid, the SoundLens packs a punch full of advanced features in its tiny packaging. With the SoundLens, the wearer can count on the same immersive listening of the Muse IQ all while the hearing aid comfortably rests deep inside the ear canal. SoundLens uses Starkey Sound™, their wireless solution to give you the ability to stream TV, music and much more.

With all of these most popular models from Starkey,
you can continue to count on:

  1. Long lasting hearing aids with Starkey’s Surface™ NanoShield, a pioneering water, wax and moisture repellent system, to protect and ensure durability and dependability.
  2. Personalized Control in the TruLink app that lets you make adjustments to SoundSpace and Noise Manager to suit your preferences in different listening environments.
  3. Feedback free comfortable listening
  4. Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, adjustable via the TruLink app, to bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

Contact the Ear to Hear location near you for a more in depth look at the performance options available with these top hearing aid devices from Starkey.

Starkey's Hearing Aid Accessories

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Along with the various hearing aid models, Starkey also offers assistive hearing solutions with Trulink and Surflink hearing accessories.

Trulink uses an app to connect all Halo 2 wearers to their iphone or ipad. And Surflink accessories allow wearers of all other Starkey hearing aids to connect their hearing aids to audio devices such as a smart phone, mp3 player or the television.

In addition to these assistive devices, Starkey makes preventative care ear plugs through SoundGear™ for people looking for hearing protection in loud environments. SoundGear™ is a complete line of 100% digital products that both enhance environmental awareness while also instantly and automatically protecting your ears from loud noises like gun blasts, engines or industrial equipment and tools.

About Starkey Hearing Technologies

Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American hearing aid company started and headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. What began as a single retail outlet has now become a global company with over 24 facilities world wide. While growing into the global market, Starkey continues to be an American-owned and operated hearing aid manufacturer, offering several different types of hearing solutions.

Connecting people to one another continues to be at the heart of Starkey’s philosophy. Starkey believes that they can best serve their community by maintaining their people-centered approach to creating hearing solutions. This belief coupled with their dedication to maintain the best team in research and development of their products, ensures that Starkey provides the wearer with the best listening experience possible.

The Starkey Hearing Research Center

Starkey prides itself on this dedication to evidence-based innovative technology for all of their products. In Berkeley, California, Starkey runs the Starkey Hearing Research Center, where they employ scientists and audiological researchers who continually study the science of hearing loss and its inherent impact on the lives of people affected. Starkey believes that it is not only their job to provide the latest technology in hearing solutions but also to understand the person wearing the device. Starkey’s dedication to designing hearing solutions for your life means a custom hearing aid made to fit both your ear and your lifestyle. Starkey attributes their success to this combination of research-based expertise and a customized approach to their fittings.

Starkey Hearing Foundation

Along with Starkey’s Hearing Research Center, Starkey lives up to their promise of a people centered company, with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Their vision, “So that the world may hear,” has translated into a foundation with hundreds of volunteers and supporters for over thirty years. The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides hearing aids to those in need in the U.S. and around the world. Starkey continues to partner with groups that support the deaf community along with other hearing organizations that provide world wide hearing support. Some of these organizations include: The International Hearing Foundation, Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and Peace over Violence. Starkey has donated over 1 million hearing aids through their Foundation’s work.

Starkey’s philosophy of connecting people to each other and staying up on innovation has driven them to produce an array of hearing aids to meet your needs as the wearer. Starkey hearing aids promise a truly customizable hearing solution for each and every customer. Some of the solutions that Starkey hearing aids offer include behind the ear, tinnitus relief, single sided only and devices that are iphone compatible. With Starkey there is an aid suitable for your hearing needs.