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Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids

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"Livio hearing aids are probably the most advanced hearing devices I have ever worn."
Terri M.
Gilbert, AZ

Starkey Livio Hearing Aid Overview

The Livio AI by Starkey is the world’s first hearing aid to feature artificial intelligence and integrated features to help you not only hear better, but reach your mental and physical goals as well. These hearing aids do not only improve your quality of life with hearing loss, but can also help to improve your health in other areas as well. Using artificial intelligence, the Livio AI hearing aid can actually track your activities and movements to help you stay on track with your lifestyle goals, while also acting as an assistant in the event of an emergency such as a fall.

Livio Features

Hearing Reality Technology – Livio AI hearing aids are one of the first hearing aids to be equipped with Starkey’s patented Hearing Reality Technology, which allows users to enjoy the most enhanced speech quality available, in both noisy and quiet environments. This technology allows users to more fully participate in conversations with superior sound quality and background noise reduction.

Thrive App – Through the Thrive App, users are able to control many aspects of their listening experience through the touch of a button on their Apple or Android smartphone. With the Thrive app, users are able to adjust their settings and preferences for different locations and different listening environments, and are also able to track their individual body and brain health.

Healthable Technology – One exciting aspect of the new Livio AI hearing aids is their unique healthable technology using the hearing aids integrated sensors. Through the Thrive app, users can see real-time data that tracks their daily physical activity. With this information, users can ensure they are meeting their fitness goals and requirements. On top of physical wellness, the Livio hearing aids also use the integrated sensors to monitor a users hearing aid use and social engagement. These sensors also utilize effective fall detection technology, that will automatically alert selected contacts if a fall does occur.

Intuitive Geotagging – Using the Thrive app, users can adjust the specific settings of their hearing aids to help them listen comfortably in different hearing situations. Luckily, users will not need to readjust these settings everywhere they go. Using GPS features on Apple or Android smartphones, the Livio AI will be able to intuitively detect when a user has arrived at a tagged location, and will automatically adjust the hearing aids to the specific settings for that location.

Wireless Streaming – The Livio AI hearing aids are able to seamlessly and wirelessly stream phone calls, music, TV programs or podcasts from your smartphone or wireless accessories.

Reliable and Rechargeable – The Livio hearing aids are currently the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aids that include health tracking features. These hearing aids can operate for a full 24 hour period on just one charge. Please note that currently, the receiver-in-canal (RIC) style is the only rechargeable Livio AI hearing aid available.

Dependable and Durable – The Livio AI hearing aids may be power packed with incredible technology, but they are not delicate. Using Starkey Hearing Technologies’ water, wax, and moisture repellent system called Surface NanoShield, the Livio hearing aids will be able to keep up with you – wherever your life may take you.

Single-Sided Hearing Loss – Starkey’s newest hearing aids are a great option for those with single-sided hearing loss thanks to their innovative CROS technology. CROS technology allows streaming between your hearing aids, allowing sounds that enter into your stronger ear to be streamed directly to your weaker ear for better overall sound quality.

Livio AI Wearing Styles

The Livio AI is available in multiple styles, including a rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) model as well as a behind-the-ear (BTE) model.