A Gem of the Midwest: Quincy, Illinois

Nicknamed “Gem City,” Quincy, Illinois is truly a crossroads of American history. Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River in western Illinois, Quincy was originally settled by the Illiniwek, Sauk, Fox and Kickapoo tribes, before it was colonized by the French. French settlers such as Louis Jolliet, Jacques Marquette, and the La Salle Expeditions all moved through the area, expanding the fur trade and developing the Mississippi River as a means of transport downstream.
In 1763, the French lost control of the Illinois Territory to Great Britain. After the American Revolutionary War, the Illinois Territory became a part of the newly formed United States. Following the War of 1812, western expansion lead to the founding of Bluffs, Illinois – the original name of Quincy. In 1825, Bluffs renamed the town Quincy and the county Adams, after President John Quincy Adams.
Throughout the 19th century, Quincy was an important transportation hub, both for ground (railroads) and water (steamboats). Between 1850 and 1870, the town expanded by 14,000 residents. Quincy’s location, bordering Missouri, made it an important stop on the Underground Railroad on the way to Chicago. Quincy, Illinois was also the debate location for the sixth Senatorial debate in 1858 between US Senator Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln, who met again in Quincy for the 1860 debate.
Throughout the 19th century, Quincy grew with the arrival of new immigrants coming from New England, bringing progressive values on public education and abolitionism. The South Side German Historic District is a remnant of this time, as well as Quincy University, founded by Franciscan friars.

Ear to Hear in Quincy, Illinois

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Treating Hearing Loss

Here in Quincy, Illinois, with a large number of residents who are veterans and who work in production, hearing loss is very much a reality. Approximately 60% of the US workforce experiences some degree of hearing loss, and 60% of veterans who have returned from combat zones report cases of hearing loss and tinnitus (“ringing of the ear”). Hearing loss is the third most common medical condition in the United States, affecting about 48 million Americans. Unfortunately, because it is an invisible condition, people do not often recognize that they have a hearing loss until much later. The Hearing Loss Association of America estimates that people wait an average of seven years between the time they first experience changes in their hearing abilities and the time they decide to seek treatment.
The first step to treating hearing loss is having your hearing tested. At the Quincy Ear to Hear location, we provide free comprehensive hearing tests and otoscopic exams. Addressing hearing loss early is an important part of maintaining your overall health and well-being. The benefits of treating hearing loss are numerous – from improved cognitive abilities to higher earning power.

Quincy, Illinois Today

Despite a number of ups and downs in the 20th century, Quincy continues to thrive, voted as an “All America City,” and as a participant in the Tree USA program. Quincy has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as the eighth “Best Small City to Raise a Family.” Even with its deep roots in history, Quincy continues to thrive, with a relatively young population: the median age is 39 years old. At the same time, Quincy is home to a large number of military personnel, with veterans from the wars in Vietnam and the Gulf, and World War II.
The most common jobs in Quincy are in administration, sales, and production. Other industries include the sciences and the arts, and service. Ear to Hear is proud to be a member of the Quincy business community, with a brick and mortar storefront to provide professional hearing health services.