Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, IL: What’s in a Name?

Did you know that Springfield is the second most common town and city name in the US? Even so, there are many things that set our fair city apart from all the other Springfields in the country.
Though it is currently the capital of Illinois, Springfield is actually the third one. In 1809, Kaskaskia was the capital of the Illinois Territory; Vandalia became the second capital after Illinois became a state from 1819 to 1839; and in 1839, Springfield took the helm as capital.
In 1818, the area around Springfield was first settled by trappers and traders along the Sangamon River, with the first cabin built in 1820 by John Kelly. Springfield was originally named Calhoun, after Senator John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, who fell out of favor in the 1830s, at which point Springfield renamed itself, after the town of Springfield, Massachusetts – revered for its innovation and growth. Our Springfield hoped to do the same as a pioneer outpost.
From these humble beginnings, Springfield has become a vibrant and diverse city with a thriving business community. Ear to Hear is proud to be a member of Springfield’s business community, providing comprehensive hearing health care.

Ear to Hear in Springfield, Illinois

Ear to Hear Online offers quality hearing health care and quality hearing aids, ordered online and shipped to the Springfield, Illinois store. For people with hearing loss, Ear to Hear Online provides the same name-brand hearing aid products and the same excellent technology at a fraction of the cost.
For residents of Springfield, Illinois, Ear to Hear offers free hearing tests at our brick and mortar location. For all of your hearing health care needs, whether you are in the State Senate or in service, we are here for you!
Ear to Hear is a hearing aid dispensary, offering hearing aid fitting services, free hearing tests, and otoscopic exams. We offer hearing aids by leading brands such as Oticon, Siemens, ReSound, Phonak, Starkey, and Widex. As an independent hearing aid dispensary, Ear to Hear is proud to serve the residents of Springfield, Illinois for all of their hearing health care needs.


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The Home of President Abraham Lincoln

As the capital of Illinois, Springfield has a long and illustrious history. It is notably the home of President Abraham Lincoln, though he did not move to Springfield until 1837. Here, President Lincoln launched his political career, joined the state militia, and was elected into the Illinois General Assembly. He spent 24 years in Springfield as a lawyer and politician, giving a number of historic speeches in the city, including his farewell speech before leaving for Washington D.C.

Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the third most common medical condition in the United States, affecting approximately 48 million Americans. Though hearing loss is often thought of as something that only affects older people, the reality is that people of all ages experience hearing loss. Studies have found that cases of hearing loss are rising in younger populations. In addition to age-related hearing loss (presbycusis), the most common form of hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss.
Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when you are exposed to dangerously loud sounds over a long period of time. Because it often occurs gradually, it may be difficult to pinpoint and seek treatment. Particularly for veterans who have returned from combat zones, exposure to loud sounds in the field could cause permanent hearing damage.
With hearing loss, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Treating hearing loss bring significant benefits to one’s overall health and well-being. People with untreated hearing loss have been found to have lower earning power than colleagues with normal hearing, or colleagues who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids.
In addition to higher earning power, treating hearing loss ensures that you are connected to the people in your life and the activities that you love to do.

Springfield Today

Today, Springfield has a population just shy of 120,000 people. It is also a young city: the median age in Springfield is 38 years old. According to the 2015 census, the most common jobs in Springfield, IL are Management, Business, Science & Arts, Sales & Office, and Service. Springfield has a robust economy – and an important part of all of these industries is your sense of hearing.
Furthermore, Springfield is home to a large population of military personnel who served in the war in Vietnam – 2.77 times greater than any other conflict. The most common service periods for Springfield veterans are Vietnam (2,942), and the two Gulf Wars (1990s) and (2001 to present).
With 60% of the American workforce experiencing some degree of hearing loss, and 60% of veterans experiencing some degree of hearing loss upon return from combat zones, Ear to Hear is proud to be a member of Springfield’s business community, providing a crucial service.