Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park, Florida: “The Prettiest Place I Have Seen in Florida”

When President Chester A. Arthur visited Winter Park, way back when, he claimed it was “the prettiest place I have seen in Florida.” President Grover Cleveland, who visited some time after, said that the founders “had done a good job with the town.”


And it’s true – Winter Park is a lush, beautiful city, nestled in Orange County, Florida. Though it is a suburb, Winter Park is a part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metropolitan area, giving residents access to both quiet small-town joys and exciting, diverse offerings of city life.


Ear to Hear is proud to be a part of Winter Park’s network of small businesses, which enriches Winter Park’s community, along with art galleries, a private liberal arts college, museums, beaches, boat launches, golf courses, and a country club. Winter Park is also a tourist destination, with Scenic Olde Winter Park, a canopy of old southern live oak and camphor trees and Spanish moss. Throughout the year, Winter Park offers countless cultural events, from the Sidewalk Art Festival to the Bach Festival.


Staying connected with the cultural offerings and the tight-knit community in Winter Park is one of the best things about this place – and a big part of that is making sure that your hearing health is at its best!

Treating Hearing Loss in Winter Park

In Winter Park, many residents work in the legal field, as well as management, arts and recreation, and in the field of health. These occupations require good communication skills and hearing loss could interfere with that. With hearing loss affecting 60% of the workforce in the US, it’s important to make sure that you’re up to date with your hearing abilities. Hearing specialists recommend that people begin to take annual hearing tests at the age of 50 to monitor their hearing abilities. Here in Winter Park, the median age is 44 years old – so thinking about hearing health is something to consider in the near future.


In terms of demographics, over 20% of people in Winter Park range between age 60 and 75. In the US, one in three people age 65 and older experience some degree of hearing loss, while 50% of people age 75 and older experience some degree of hearing loss. With these numbers, it’s important to make sure that you have an annual hearing test to gauge your hearing abilities. If you have loved ones who are age 65 and above in Winter Park, encourage them to visit us at Ear to Hear to take a free hearing exam. We also provide free otoscopic exams, to check the physical health of the ear.


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Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

In a place like Winter Park, do you want to miss out on all of the awesome offerings year-round? Whether it’s outdoor activities on the waterfront or enjoying the classic stylings of Bach, you can stay connected by treating hearing loss.


Untreated hearing loss has been linked to lower earning power, an increased risk for dementia, and social isolation. It also interferes with the confidence we have to live independent lives, restricting our ability to drive and interact with others. Treating hearing loss brings significant benefits, from improving our abilities to communicate to increasing our mobility throughout Winter Park and beyond.

Ear to Hear in Winter Park, Florida

Ear to Hear Online offers quality hearing aids, ordered online and shipped to the Winter Park store. For people with hearing loss, this provides the same name-brand hearing aid products and the same excellent technology at a fraction of the cost. Ear to Hear Online is proud to offer our hearing test and other hearing health services to members of the Winter Park community. For all of your hearing health care needs, whether it’s hearing protection at a rock concert or hearing aids to help you with speech recognition at brunch with your friends, we’re here for you!


Ear to Hear is a hearing aid dispensary, offering hearing aid fitting services and free hearing tests and Otoscopic exams.  We offer hearing aids by leading brands such as Oticon, Siemens, ReSound, Phonak, Starkey, and Widex. As an independent hearing aid dispensary, Ear to Hear is proud to serve the residents of Winter Park for all of their hearing health needs.