Hearing aids are technological marvels, but they do rely on a regular source of energy supply (batteries) and they’re even better when you’ve got compatible accessories! At Ear to Hear Online, we offer top of the line batteries and accessories for hearing aid wearers in Florida.


Though hearing aids differ in style, shape, size, and power, they share one single thing in common: the need for batteries. As hearing aid technology continues to advance, most newer hearing aids require more energy than previous models.
For those of us who are seasoned hearing aid wearers, we are well aware of the frustration and inconvenience of running out of battery at a crucial moment. For this reason, it’s important to keep a supply of batteries on hand.
Factoring hearing aid batteries into your budget is an important part of ensuring your best hearing health. Whether you use traditional zinc air batteries or rechargeable hearing aid batteries, we’ve got you covered here at Ear to Here Online.
At Ear to Hear Online, we offer: Phonak/Unitron Cerustop Filters, Power One Batteries (60 cells), Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries (60 units), Power One Batteries (120 cells), Rayovac Batteries (120 cells), and Power One Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries. Learn more about our batteries here.

Domes, Caps, Tubes

For people who use behind-the-ear or receiver-in-canal hearing aids, domes, caps and tubes are an important part of the listening experience. Domes slide easily over the ear-canal end of the hearing aid tubes and are simple to replace. When domes are damaged or broken, you may think you have to replace the whole hearing aid – but you don’t! It’s just a matter of replacing the domes. Ear to Hear Online offers 30-packs of replacement domes so you’ll always have them handy. Our replacement domes fit snugly, ensuring that they stay in place no matter your activity, and help you avoid the occlusion effect. The occlusion effect gives the experience of hollow or booming sounds, such as your own voice. Closed-style domes are preferred by people with a more severe level of hearing loss, as they may boost the low frequency and help reduce the occlusion effect.
When replacing your domes, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the correct measurements, as domes come in many different sizes and varieties. Measurements are based on the widest part of the dome: measure the widest part of yours to ensure that you get the right size when ordering the replacements.
Ear to Hear Online’s replacement domes are non-occluding and comfortable to wear. They can be used with many different hearing aid brands. It is important to check the compatibility, so if you are not sure, contact us at Ear to Hear Online to check that the domes with work with your device. At Ear to Hear Online, we offer the following dome options:
Open Domes
• Small open domes: 5mm
• Medium open domes: 7mm
• Large open domes: 10mm
Closed Domes
• Small closed domes: 5mm
• Medium closed domes: 7mm
• Large closed domes: 10mm
Other Dome Options
• Tulip: helps with feedback control
• 9mm, 10mm, 1mm power domes
At Ear to Hear Online, we offer a vast range of sizes and options, with the replacement dome size and type best for you. For more information, email our online sales professional for specific brand, size, and type information. We offer replacement domes for the following hearing aid brands: Siemens, Phonak, Unitron, Rexton, Oticon, Widex, ReSound

Miscellaneous Accessories

Hearing aid accessories are designed to either boost your listening experience or to ensure an optimal experience with your hearing aids.
“Cerustop” filters are designed to resist the infiltration of cerumen (earwax) in your hearing aids. We offer cerustop filters compatible with Phonak and Unitron hearing aids.
When it comes to your hearing aid care and maintenance, it’s important to ensure that there is no moisture that collects from a day’s wear. For this, Ear to Hear online offers the Universal Hearing Aid Sanitizer and Dryer with UV Light. This unit is simple to operate: place your hearing aids in the designated spots in the station and wake up to moisture-free hearing aids. Removing moisture also prolongs the life of your hearing aids.
For people who use receiver-in-canal hearing aids, Ear to Hear Online offers replacement receivers that are compatible with Phonak, Unitron, and Hansaton hearing aids. Contact our customer service department for more information.

Accessories from Major Hearing Aid Brands

At Ear to Hear Online, we also offer a number of accessories, such as TV transmitters, voice streamers, microphones, and other assistive listening options, from major hearing aid brands: Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Siemens, and Widex. Take a look through our catalogue to learn more about accessories that boost your listening experience and meet the unique hearing needs required by your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Supplies and Accessories in Florida

For all of your hearing aid supplies and accessories in Florida, look no further than Ear to Hear Online! We deliver items directly to your doorstep or if you prefer, you could pick up your supplies and accessories from one of our many locations throughout the state.