Widex Hearing Aids

Founded more than 60 years ago Widex is deemed to be one of the major figures among hearing aids manufacturers. The company has successfully captured the market presenting the first 100% digital in-the-ear hearing instrument in 1995. From then onward, Widex has been adhering to the position of the top-class services provider. Given its unprecedented approach and breakthrough technologies, the manufacturer can boast its BEYOND™ novelties.

Our store offers you a chance to buy Widex hearing aids in Florida right now. Everybody who has to live with hearing problems can effortlessly find four models available. One more thing – to make use of individual fitting you can also visit one of our current locations including Estero, Bradenton, Zephyrhills, Beverly Hills, Winter Park, Fort Myers.

Advantages of Hearing Aids by Widex

The Danish company provides its audience with the new Sound Class Technology. With the help of this practice, all patients are able to enhance their listening experience. The technology groups listening situations into different sound classes and automatically sets the priorities for a wearer. Another innovation by Widex is the TruSound Softener. It is aimed at minimizing negative effects of impulse sounds. In addition, every model is stocked with a long-life zinc-air battery – the most preferred battery among hearing aids users. With Widex listening devices, connection to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch is not a problem anymore. Leave rivals trailing far behind with the Widex hearing tools!

At the EartoHearOnline website, you can pick an appropriate and budget-conscious solution for you personally. The price for Widex instruments varies between $1,998 and $3,498. That is a great deal taking almost 50% off for every single device into account. The only thing left is to choose necessary instruments and to buy Widex hearing aids online in Florida. Also, you will get additional benefits when visiting us at Estero, Bradenton, Zephyrhills, Beverly Hills, Winter Park or Fort Myers.