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Redux Hearing Aid Drying Services

Professional-Grade Technology

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How Redux Works

Eartohear is excited to announce that select locations will be offering redux drying services

Did you know moisture in hearing aids is not as rare as you think?

Of Hearing aids contain harmful mositure

Remove a little water can make a big difference

Unlike traditonal hearing aid vaccum drying systems, redux drys the moisture of the air before introducing it to the hearing aid. Most traditonal hearing aid vacuum dryers use air from our natural envrionment that is already humid. Introducing truly dry air into the hearing aid chamber sucks out any moisture that could be trapped in the hearing aid.

Great For Preventative Maintenance

Our in-house drying process takes approximately 8 minutes, providing a thorough and efficient moisture removal cycle.

Cost Less Than Typical Manufacter Repairs

Dead Hearing Aid? Up to a 50% recover rate of dead hearing aids in clinic without the hassle of shipping to a repair lab

Annual Subscriptions Avalabile

Want to Have one for home?

Redux Home Dryer is your complete moisture removal system that allows you to be proactive about hearing device maintenance and performance at home. Redux is backed by science and over 70 patents, plus it is trusted by thousands of hearing care professionals worldwide. Redux Home brings professional-grade drying to your home so you can keep your hearing devices sounding their best.

The drying process takes two hours, on average, and we recommend drying once a week. No subscription needed. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Safe for All Devices

Whether you have hearing aids, cochlear processors, Baha processors, earbuds, or small fitness devices, our drying services are safe for use on a variety of devices. We prioritize the care of your technology, ensuring it stays in the best condition possible. If redux does not improve your device we guarantee your money back!

Hearing Aid Satisfaction Guaranteed

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