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Paired with the Streamer Pro, the mini mic will provide you the ability to hear someone in those really tough environments.  Give it to that soft spoken grandchild, or let your spouse wear it in the car.  You will be able to hear them like you always wished you could. The Oticon ConnectLine Microphone works together with Oticon hearing aids in order to improve speech recognition. This will give you confidence in social situations, which you may never have had due to hearing loss. It can be really difficult for hearing aid users to adjust to socializing in crowded places or in places where there is a lot of background noise. Some people may be able to distinguish between sounds, but others prefer just to avoid these situations as they find them difficult to cope with. The ConnectLine Microphone provides a great solution which will enable you to hear better. The microphone is very discreet and connects to the Streamer 1.4 or Pro wirelessly. What it does is allows you to hear much more clearly when having a one on one conversation somewhere with lots of background noise. The person you are having a conversation with wears the microphone. It connects wirelessly to the hearing aid, filtering out background noise and making it much easier for you to hear and follow the conversation. The microphone is discreet so if you want to talk to just one person, it is possible for them to wear it easily, without anyone knowing. It is important to note that the ConnectLine must be paired with the hearing aids by a qualified technician. It does not work with all Oticon hearing aids, so make sure that you check that your hearing aids are compatible first.

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