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ReSound Micro Mic


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ReSound Micro Mic

Enjoy exceptional speech understanding and easily focus on the sounds you want to hear, even in a noisy place.  Extend your hearing range by more than 80 feet in clear line of sight. 1 Year Warranty The ReSound Micro Mic allows sound to be transmitted directly to your ReSound hearing aids with a range of about 25 meters. It is designed to be discreet if you want it to be and it is also very lightweight so it is not a nuisance to the person wearing it. It can be easily clipped on or worn on a lanyard and there is an easy plug and play function. This means that if you want easy one to one communication then you can just attach the microphone to that person and their speech will be directly sent to your hearing aids. It will also optimise the sounds so that background sounds or poor acoustics are not an issue. There is no need for any more extra equipment. This is compatible with ReSound wireless hearing aids and can be really useful in situations where noise can be an issue such as in a car, classroom, while eating out or even when walking along noisy roads. It even has a mute which is automatically switched on if the microphone is dropped and falls more than 75cm to avoid a loud bang being transmitted into the hearing aids. It is really easy to set up by pressing the pairing button on it and once this has been done it will always remain paired. It just has to be switched on and it is ready to use. There is a charger included and the battery lasts around ten hours. There is a volume control as well. There is only a 20ms delay in sound and so it is not noticeable.

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