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ReSound Multi-Mic


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ReSound Multi Mic

Get all the benefits of the Micro Mic and use it as a table microphone that picks up all the sounds around it. Connect with loop and FM systems*, and use the mini-jack input for streaming audio from a music player to your hearing aids or other device.
  • 1 year warranty
The Resound Multi Mic allows speech and audio to be streamed directly to your Resound hearing aids. It is small and lightweight, meaning that it is not only easy to carry but can also be hidden if required. It can be worn by a speaker to stream their speech directly to the hearing aids. It can be used as a table microphone to pick up speech from more than one person. When used with a Europin FM receiver it can pick up FM signals. It can pick up teleloop signals. It has a plug and play mini jack connector. The plug and play system is really easy to use, allowing you to hear speech or other sounds much more clearly. The system picks up the sounds that you want to hear and reduces the volume of background noise so that it is much clearer. By sending the signal directly to the hearing aids it is even easier to hear the sounds being listened to. The fact that the listener no longer has to look at the speaker as they will have no need to try to lip read or look at facial expressions to aid their understanding of what is being said, means that they will be able to do other things. This is great if they want to make notes in an office or classroom or eat a meal while chatting, for example. It can be perfect for using in a teaching environment, office, car, when eating out or any situation where background noise can be an issue. It is very simple to pair it with your hearing aids and once this is done it need never be done again. It is easy to charge and comes with a recharger so there is no need to keep replacing batteries. Batteries last between seven and 11 hours, depending on what you are using it for. It works with most hearing aids in the ReSound range but check to makes sure that it will work with yours before you buy.

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