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Oticon’s Streamer Pro is the gateway to wireless connectivity.  It provides the user with the ability to stream phone calls hands free.  Teamed with the other Connect line accessories the wearer can stream TV or a single voice in a crowd.  Oticon’s Streamer Pro is a simple to use option that will enhance the user’s overall listening experience. The Streamer Pro is a Bluetooth connector compatible with Oticon hearing aids. It makes telephone conversations much easier as it streams the phone calls straight to the hearing aid which allowing better, clearer conversations. Landline telephones can be tricky enough, but mobile telephone conversations can often be impossible for hearing-impaired people. The ConnectLine Streamer Pro is connected straight to the phone and transmits all signals directly to the hearing aid, making it much easier to use. This will allow you to use the phone hands free, which is a very convenient feature for driving or any other situations where you need your hands to do other things. It is very easy to use: once the call comes in, you just need to push one button to answer the phone and transmit the call to the hearing aid. The Streamer Pro comes with a neck loop, which has a built-in microphone that is placed close enough to the mouth, so that you can be easily heard as well. It is compatible with many mobile phones with Bluetooth and can also be used as a remote control for the hearing aids. The Streamer Pro 1.3 is made specifically for iPhones but can also work with Android phones. There is a free app which you can download form the app store to your phone in order for it to work. There are closed and open versions of the Streamer Pro. The closed version needs to be paired by a hearing specialist and will work without a neck loop. It will only stream to hearing aids paired to it which means that you won’t accidentally stream signals to someone else’s hearing aids. The open version does not need pairing and works out of the box. It only works with the neck loop attached, so there is a risk of other Oticon hearing aid wearer they could hearing the conversation if you stand close to them. If you are concerned that this may happen, then buy the closed version and have an expert pair it with your hearing aids. If you have NHS hearing aids, keep in mind that they can only be paired by NHS staff. The Streamer Pro is compatible with all Oticon wireless products produced after 2007 and comes together with a charger but can also be charged via USB to mini USB. It is wise to check that your Oticon hearing aids are compatible before you buy this product.

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