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440 widex fusion

Widex – Pair – Beyond 440 (IPhone Direct)


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User Manual & Instructions – RIC (10 Battery) User Manual & Instructions – RIC/RITE (312 Battery) The Widex Beyond 440 contains the latest U-Platform processing chip, which is able to capture even the quietest of sounds. The range features various models and you can pick the one that suits you the most. All of them are similar but some have additional features such as ITE design, telecoil function, mini size or wireless option. The hearing aids have 15 channels and their noise reduction wind-reducing and low level background noise-removing feature. There is also a device, which locates the direction of the sound and adapts accordingly. By using the electromagnetic transmission, it is possible to get two hearing aids to work together as one. They will work together with their directional settings and noise reduction, making time and sound differences between the two hearing aids more natural and helping to improve spatial awareness. It also allows any volume or program changes you make on one hearing aid to be automatically transmitted to the other and will alarm you if the wireless connection between the two is not working. The hearing aids also have a ‘Digital Pinna’ system, which picks up frequencies in the same way that the ear does naturally. There is also a system, which allows you to hear sounds behind you more easily. Imagine driving a car and listening to someone sitting behind you without any effort! The device also has a boost function to improve the quality of music. It can even increase the ability to hear high frequency noises by lowering the frequency to an acceptable range. There is also the ‘Trusound Softener Plus’ which reduces sudden and spontaneous, loud noises and, accordingly, the discomfort they cause. It can also be programmed to gradually increase the sound level, which is an ideal setting for those who are new to hearing aids and need some time to get used to them. It even has a ‘sound diary’ function which keeps track of manual adjustments made by the wearer and will adjust its default level to the preferred level of the wearer. It also uses IE Feedback Cancelling, which detects feedback and eliminates the annoying whistling that it can cause. It has a tinnitus cancelling system for those who suffer from this condition, offering a range soothing tones and noises to ease the annoyance from the insufferable ringing. Receive with Purchase:
  • 2 Widex Beyond 440 Hearing Aid Units
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty ($250 replacement fee on claim. 1 claim usage per hearing aid within term)
  • Adjustments in 60 Day Trial
  • Standard Shipping Included in USA
  • 1 Year Supply of Batteries, Domes, Filters
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