What is an Authorized Retailer of Hearing Aids?

As an authorized retailer of the top brands in hearing healthcare, this means that our customers can have peace of mind when purchasing from us. With the explosion of deals being offered on the internet, consumers need to be aware of the risks associated with these purchases. First, some manufacturers have stated that hearing aids purchased through unauthorized dealers may not have valid warranties. In addition, many of these internet companies have popped up, only to disappear shortly after. Ear to Hear locations have been in existence for more than 30 years. In addition to peace of mind, we offer some of the best hearing aid pricing around. 

Resound's Product Warranty Statement

GN ReSound’s product warranties are offered only in connection with sales via authorized distribution channels. Sales via direct mail and internet (including eBay and other online channels) are not authorized by GN ReSound, and as a result any product warranties originally associated with such products shall be void. GN ReSound will not provide or reinstate product warranties with respect to devices obtained through unauthorized distribution channels. Each product warranty is provided for the benefit of the individual originally assigned to the serialized device only. Product warranties are not transferable. Any device sent to GN ReSound for service or repair that has not been obtained by the user via an authorized distribution channel (as determined by GN ReSound in its sole discretion) will be confiscated or returned to the user unrepaired.
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