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At Ear to Hear, we offer a wide range of hearing care services including comprehensive hearing testing, hearing aid evaluations and fittings, hearing aid reprogramming, repairs, maintenance and accessory sales. Our expert team of hearing aid specialists will help you or your loved one to find the most appropriate hearing aids for your unique circumstances.  Learn more below about the specific hearing services we offer at each of our hearing aid centers in Illinois, Florida and Missouri

Free Hearing Tests | Hearing Evaluations

Our hearing is a valuable gift, that deserves the same care as your sight and mobility. It’s quite common for people to visit their primary physician for an annual check-up, but did you know that medical professionals also recommend you get an annual hearing test? As we age, our hearing naturally degenerates over time, and it’s very important to monitor your hearing capabilities to ensure underlying issues are addressed. We understand the importance of healthy hearing, and offer complimentary hearing screenings at all of our hearing aid centers across the U.S. We encourage folks of all hearing abilities to give us a visit for a hearing test. Evaluations are non-invasive, and include a short series of tests that evaluate your ability to hear different frequencies as well as speech understanding. Contact us today to schedule your free hearing test.

New Hearing Aids | Fittings & Programming

A technologically advanced hearing aid is only helpful if it’s programmed for your unique hearing loss. Programming hearing aids is an art that requires skill, experience and patience by a hearing aid specialist. Our providers understand the importance of a comfortable and accurate hearing aid fit and will take the time to make sure your new devices are working great for you. We have our patients visit us for their hearing aid fitting, then spend some time in their normal environments (home, work, church etc). Patients return to us for tweaks to their settings based on their real world experience with their hearing aids. We’ll be here when you need us!

In-House Hearing Aid Repairs

Like any piece of technology, hearing aids sometimes need a repair to work at their optimal level. Or perhaps an accident occurred and a pet or grandchild got a hold of your hearing aids and they need fixing. No matter the circumstance, we invite you to visit one of our hearing aid centers for a hearing aid repair.  Very often our specialists are able to address the issue quickly while you wait. In the event that your hearing aid needs a more extensive repair, we can arrange for your aids to be sent to the manufacturer for parts replacements/repair. We’ll communicate with the factory on your behalf, and ensure your aids are repaired appropriately. We provide hearing aid repair services for clients with most brands and models, regardless of where the aids were originally purchased.  

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Ear to Hear offers a 7-day risk free trial on hearing aids. Give yourself the opportunity to try hearing aids in any environment, risk-free.