Signia Silk Hearing Aids

Signia Silk Hearing Aids

"These Silk hearing aids have great sound and almost no one can see them."
Michelle B.
Joliet, IL

Signia Silk Features

Signia Silk Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids

Signia Silk hearing aids combine the best of aesthetics in hearing aids with the best technology.  These discreet hearing aids are offering in Signia’s latest eXperience platform, as well as their Nx platform. These hearing aids can be utilized alongside their Touch Control app to give the user ultimate control over their hearing aids.


Silk hearing aids use Signia’s breakthrough “Click Fit” technology, which allows these small devices to connect to a non-custom dome or tip. This can increase convenience by removing the need for silicone impressions and for many, improves comfort.  

Comfort and Technology

In addition to the increased comfort many wearers report with these hearing devices, Silk hearing aids also have the latest Nx technology, including frequency compression, feedback management, noise reduction and more.