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Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids


Hearing aid pricing is per device and includes our standard local service package. 

Signia Active Features

Signia Active Pro Not Your Traditional Hearing Aid

Signia Active is a first of its kind in the hearing aid industry. Signia has developed a hearing aid that is ready to fit, in-the-ear, rechargeable, Bluetooth streaming with TeleCare. 


Active hearing aids use Signia’s breakthrough “Click Fit” technology, which allows these small devices to connect to a non-custom dome or tip. This can increase convenience by removing the need for silicone impressions and for many, improves comfort.  

Modern Style

Signia Active looks more like a modern ear bud compared to a dated traditional custom hearing aid.

Portable Charging

Signia Active comes with a portable charger that stores 3 full charges internally for convenient charging on the go. Signia Active has 26 hours run time on a full charge. Placing the Signia Active in the charger turns the hearing aids off automatically. Taking them out of the charger turns them on automatically.