Insurance Processing

Ear To Hear is in-network with all hearing aid insurances. We accept all HearUSA, TruHearing, Hearing Care Solutions, Nations Hearing, United Healthcare and Amplifon insurances.

Who Are They?

Most of the time your insurance coverage is through a separate company that we call a 3rd party group. The names of these 3rd party groups are HearUSA, Nations Hearing, TruHearing, Hearing Care Solutions, United Healthcare Hearing, and Amplifon.

What Do They Do?

The 3rd Party groups are responsible for maintaining in-network providers or hearing aid clinics to process your benefits. They are also responsible for determining any out of pocket cost related to hearing aids and hearing testing, service appointment packages, warranty and payment processing 

What Does EartoHear Do?

EartoHear works with all of the groups listed above. We work with them to help schedule appointments for hearing test and consultations about coverage through these groups. If a patient uses their benefits to order or purchase through 3rd party groups we submit any paperwork necessary to order your new hearing aids and schedule a appointment for a fitting when they arrive at our office. We provide any follow up care included with the coverage.

How Much Do They Cover?

This is a very common question that we are asked, and honestly we truly don’t know until we have insurance information processed with all the details. One patients Medicare supplement plan can be entirely different than another. Utilizing our patient portal we can have all the information readily available for your appointment. Continue reading to see examples of pricing we see through various insurances. The first set is setting an appointment for a hearing exam to see what type of loss you currently have.

Our Locations

We have locations throughout Florida, Illinois and Missouri. Click below to find the closet location to schedule an appointment 

Schedule An Appointment

The first step to better hearing is scheduling an appointment at one of our coinvent locations. If you are able to provide your insurance information before your appointment, we can have your benefits and coverage information ready to discuss options