Greg M
Much better
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I love these Moment. So much better than my old hearing aids. Probably not using all of the features, but the volume is way down on the television. Thank you!
Dorothy G
Good sound quality
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I'm happy. After the first adjustment, they were much better. Sound quality is good.
Douglas S
Great deal
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I saved almost 2200 from what my Audiologist quoted me. Happy to have found you guys.
Jay F
Family loves them
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The first set of custom earmolds didn't fit right, but after those were re-done, everything was great. My family has noticed a big difference.

Widex Moment Hearing Aids

4.5 stars
"My new Evoke hearing aids have been great. I hear so much better at work and on the phone..."
Deborah W.
Ft Myers

Widex Moment Features

Widex Moment with Machine Learning

The new Widex Moment uses artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning to better understand your hearing. In any environment you can simply perform SoundSense learn and teach Widex Moment hearing aids how you like to hear. Once this is completed you can save it as a new program for a specific environment to use at any time.

HF Boost

The HF Boost feature in Moment hearing aids helps those with higher frequency hearing losses to hear better by extending the amplification range. By amplifying more high frequencies, the Moment can make speech more clear and understandable for the wearers.

Lithium Ion Battery

No longer do you have to fuss with changing batteries. Or worry about your batteries dying in the middle of a important conversation. Widex Moment has one of the smallest rechargeable RIC’s. Simply place the Widex Moment’s in their charger and the hearing aids will automatically turn off. In four hours you will have 20 hours of wear time. Or 16 hours with Bluetooth usage. During the first half hour it performs a quick charge that enables the hearing aid to run for 4 hours. 

PureSound Technology

In most hearing aids the natural sound in our environments reaches our eardrums faster than the sound the hearing aid can deliver for someone’s hearing loss. Widex Moment in the PureSound program and has zero delay. This feature delivers a very natural clear sound and eliminates distortion 

What does being an authorized retailer mean?

Ear To Hear is an authorized Widex retailer, which means Widex stands behind the products and guarantees. The same cannot be said for other retailers, including many of the websites that claim to sell Widex hearing aids online.