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Anyone in search of durable CROS hearing aids can look no further than our hearing aid centers. Our Licensed Hearing Aid Professionals, like no one else, understand that the asymmetry between the two ears in patients with single-sided deafness makes listening in challenging environments a struggle. As our primary goal is to simplify the life of people with unilateral hearing loss, we continually expand our product range, providing the finest choice of CROS hearing solutions that allow individuals with single-sided deafness follow conversations even in noisy places. Visit one of our hearing centers and discover the high-performance CROS hearing aids available.


CROS hearing aid solutions are suitable for individuals with hearing loss in one ear and normal hearing in the other ear. CROS system works as follows: one part of the hearing aid, which is placed into patient’s poorer hearing ear, consists of a customizable microphone and a transmitter that picks up sounds around the user. The transmitter sends sounds directly to the receiver and amplifier unit in patient’s functioning ear, allowing the user to stay connected to the world.

The advanced CROS systems our company provides are almost invisible and connect wirelessly via the customizable transmitter. With our superior CROS systems, you not only can hear and understand the sounds clearly, but also listen to favorite songs and maintain conversations with less strain! Designed for individuals with single-sided deafness, the Cros hearing solutions we stock offer better hearing all around.


Ear to Hear delivers a broad range of CROS hearing aids from Signia and Phonak hearing aids brands. CROS systems we supply come in different styles, shapes, and colors. Our CROS hearing aids prices range from $999.00 for a basic solution to $2,759.00+ for a premium CROS hearing solution.

Residents of Florida, Illinois, and Missouri can buy CROS Systems from our company by giving us a call. We guarantee excellent service and timely delivery to every client.