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Our Estero hearing aid practice is located on Chevrolet Way, just south of Corkscrew Road. Our office is located across the street from the Hampton Inn & Suites on the corner of Corkscrew Woodlands Blvd and Chevrolet Way.

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Hearing Aids at Ear to Hear in Estero

We offer a variety of hearing aids in all styles and from the major hearing aid manufacturers. At Ear To Hear in Estero, we offer hearing aids from Signia, Widex, Resound, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey and more. 

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Signia (formerly siemens)

The Signia hearing aid brand (formerly known as Siemens hearing instruments) is owned by Sivantos, the same company that owns HearUSA, Rexton and more. Their most current product is the NX line of hearing aids that include the Signia Charge & Go, as well as the Silk invisible hearing aid. 


Widex is a Danish hearing aids company, long known for their exceptional sound quality. Their most current hearing aid, the Widex Evoke, is the first hearing aid to utilize machine learning technology. 


ReSound hearing aids are part of the GN Nord Store conglomerate. They are credited with making one of the first open-fit hearing aids (the Resound Air). Their latest hearing aid is the LiNX 3D, a made-for-iPhone hearing aid. 


The Phonak brand of hearing aids is part of the Sonova congolmerate, which also owns Unitron. They have long been known as an innovative company in the space. They currently have a lineup that features their popular and flexible line of Audeo RIC hearing aids. 


Unitron is owned by the same company that owns Phonak and they are headquartered in Canada. Their flagship product is the Moxi All, which is both rechargeable and connects to smartphones. 


Starkey is the only major American-owned hearing aid manufacturer left. Owned by Bill Austin, they are also associated with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which gives away hearing aids to those in developing countries.

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Hearing Services at Ear to Hear in Estero

Ear to Hear is a hearing aid center offering hearing aid fitting services and free hearing tests and Otoscopic exams. As an independent hearing aid dispensary, Ear to Hear is proud to serve the residents of Estero for all of their hearing health needs.

Hearing aid fittings

We can fit and program hearing aids from almost any manufacturer. Our hearing aid fittings are backed by local service, a factory warranty, and a risk-free guarantee. 

hearing aid repair

We can repair almost any make and model of hearing aid. If your hearing aid isn’t working properly, bring it in to Ear to Hear for a comprehensive inspection. 

hearing tests

In addition to hearing aid services, we also offer free hearing aid exams to the public. Not sure if you have a hearing loss? Then come in to one of our hearing aid offices today for a complete check-up!

Information about Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often sneaks up on people, as it’s typically a gradual decline. For many, hearing loss begins with high frequency sounds which make it more difficult to hear higher pitch sounds like children and women’s voices. Other sounds often go unnoticed and are lost to silence, like the sound of your pets nails on the floor as they run, or the doorbell or oven timer.  It’s no surprise that people wait on average 7 years to treat hearing loss. 

The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

The benefits of treating hearing loss are vast and include benefits to a person’s health and well being as well as their social and professional lives. Many people don’t realize the impact untreated hearing loss has on their family and friends. Often friends and family members learn they must speak very loudly when communicating with a loved one with hearing gloss. This is very fatiguing for those individuals and can discourage them from attempting communication entirely. Treating hearing loss allows a person to be involved in the family conversations, to hear the stories from the grandchildren and to not skip a beat when out with friends. Other important benefits include cognitive health and a reduced risk for other incidents like falls. 

Estero Information

The Village of Estero takes its name from the Spanish word estero, meaning “estuary.” Indeed, the village’s name was taken for its geographical location (estuary is the point where the river meets the sea), near the Estero River, formerly known as Estero Creek. Though Estero, Florida has long been inhabited, the village itself was incorporated fairly recently, on December 31, 2014.

The first election of Estero Village Council members was held of March 3, 2015. Estero’s first mayor was Nick Batos, with Peter G. Lombardi as the interim Village Manager and Burt Saunders the first Village Attorney. In November 2015, Steven Sarkozy was hired as the first permanent Village Manager. A year later, in March 2016, the offices of Estero’s village government found a permanent home at 9401 Corkscrew Palms Circle.

Not far from the Village of Estero offices, Ear to Hear’s Estero clinic is located at 10201 Arcos Avenue, Suite 205. Since 2007, Ear to Hear has been dispensing and servicing hearing aids of all makes and models, especially leading brands such as Oticon, Siemens, ReSound, Phonak, Starkey, and Widex. As an independent hearing aid dispensary, Ear to Hear is proud to serve the residents of Estero for all of their hearing health needs.

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Get a 7-day risk-free trial
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Ear to Hear offers a 7-day risk free trial on hearing aids. Give yourself the opportunity to try hearing aids in any environment, risk-free.

Estero’s Geographical Features

The Everglades region of Florida shows human inhabitants as far back as 14,000 to 15,000 years ago. About 5,000 years ago, the area flooded due to environmental changes, which brought about features of the landscape we recognize today, such as the inlets and islands along the Estero Bay Preserve State Park, and further south, the tropical wetlands of the Everglades.

Because of its geographical features, Estero offers a number of outdoor sports and activities. Estero’s natural environment makes for great hunting grounds, with a history of alligator and wild boar hunting. If you are a hunter, it’s important to make sure that your hearing is protected! Additionally, Estero boasts a lovely waterfront for all manner of sports – jet-skiing, parasailing, surfing, and more. If you participate in these water sports, make sure to protect your ears.

Both exposure to loud noise from hunting and exposure to water and wind could lead to hearing damage. Ear to Hear has a number of locations throughout Florida, with one conveniently located in Estero. We provide free hearing tests and evaluations, which provide you with details on your current hearing abilities. We also offer free otoscopic exams, in which a hearing specialist checks the physical condition of your ear canals and ear drums. If you currently use hearing aids, our Ear to Hear office in Estero offers accessories and tune-ups for your hearing aids.  Check out our Widex hearing aids online

Estero’s Fascinating History

In 1882, the first reported homesteader, Gustave Damkohler, settled in the area before it was known as Estero. Thanks to the tropical climate, the area became a major producer of citrus fruits. The Koreshan Unity and its enigmatic leader, Cyrus Teed, are perhaps one of Estero’s biggest claims to fame. The Koreshan Unity was a religious group that believed “the universe existed within a giant hollow sphere” and that we as humans “lived on the inside of Earth’s outer skin, and that celestial bodies are all contained inside the hollow Earth.” This utopian, business-oriented community founded The Progressive Liberal Party and incorporated 110 square miles of the region in 1904 as the Town of Estero.

The Koreshan Unity quickly developed the area, establishing a post office, general store, blacksmith, and sawmill. They also established schools and an art hall with a symphony orchestra and theater group. Despite their work, certain homesteaders were not supportive of the Koreshan Unity. In the early years of Estero’s history, the Unity and other homesteaders opened competing schools and businesses, many of which are now closed. The Koreshan Unity itself slowly disintegrated over the first half of the 20th century after its leader Teed – who claimed to be immortal – died in 1908.

Now a historical site for visitors and campers, the Koreshan State Historic Site and Koreshan Preserve are just two miles away from Ear to Hear’s Estero location. Our hearing specialists rely on proven methods to test your hearing and fit your hearing aids so that they provide you the most optimal listening experience. With the proper pair of hearing aids, you are better connected to the sounds in your life – whether that’s a tour at Estero’s historic sites or listening to ghost stories around a campfire at the state preserve.

Estero, Florida Today

Today, Estero is a bustling and rapidly developing village, home to the Florida Everblades ice hockey team, housed at the Germain Arena. In May 2014, the Hertz Corporation moved its corporate headquarters from New Jersey and Oklahoma to a vacant lot in Estero. According to the company’s press release, “Hertz chose Lee County, Florida, primarily because of its diverse community appeal, work force availability, and accessibility. The company worked closely with Florida Governor Rick Scott as well as other state and county government and business leaders throughout the decision-making process.” A $75 million building was built at the southeast corner of US-41 and Williams Road. With Hertz opening up shop in Estero, they created 750 new jobs to members of the Estero community.

Approximately 60% of the American workforce experiences some degree of hearing loss. Did you know that untreated hearing loss can take a toll on your earning power and your performance on the job? If you have begun to experience changes in your hearing, come visit us at our Ear to Hear Estero office.