signia styletto

Signia Styletto Hearing Aids

"Styletto hearing aids are probably the most beautiful hearing devices I have ever seen."
Ariel M.
Sun City, AZ

Signia Styletto Features

Signia Styletto Hearing Aids | Stylish and Rechargeable

Welcome to Styletto, the world’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid. These new hearing aids combine a sleek, modern look with the convenience of rechargeability and the crystal-clear sound of Signia’s X platform. 

Acoustic Motion Sensors

Traditional hearing aids in the past would active directional microphones when a noisy situation was detected. Conversations at the sides of the hearing aid wearer would be hard to understand. The acoustic motion sensors now adjust their settings according to the movement of the hearing aid wearer. Which in return gives the wearer better localization of sound and speech. 

Signia Assistant

Signia Assistant is a new efficient way to quickly address any adjustments you may desire. 93% of hearing aid wearers say the Signia Assistant increase their confidence to rely on their hearing aids and it lets them have a more tailored hearing experience.  Through the Signia app if offers small adjustments in a new revolutionary artificial intelligence platform that is accessible 24/7.

Portable Recharger

Styletto hearing devices come with a slim, portable recharging case for easy handling and long wearing time. These breakthrough hearing aids from Signia (formerly Siemens hearing instruments) were designed with convenience in mind. The lithium-ion power charger allows Styletto wearers to enjoy:

  • 19 hours daily use*
  • 3 hour full charge
  • 30 minute fast chare
  • 3 full charges on the go

Whether at work or at a party, wearers can be confident that Styletto will support their active lifestyle.

World-Class Design, Exceptional Comfort
and Premium Technology

In addition to the increased comfort many wearers report with these hearing devices, Silk hearing aids also have the latest X technology, including frequency compression, feedback management, noise reduction and more.