Signia Charge&Go Hearing Aids

Signia Charge&Go Features

Signia Pure Charge&Go Hearing Aids | The Ultimate Rechargeable RIC

The Pure Charge&Go has all the latest technology you could ask for in a Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid. It is Lithium Ion rechargeable that provides an extra 20% battery capacity for convenience with all of the Bluetooth functions it offers.

Acoustic Motion Sensors

Traditional hearing aids in the past would active directional microphones when a noisy situation was detected. Conversations at the sides of the hearing aid wearer would be hard to understand. The acoustic motion sensors now adjust their settings according to the movement of the hearing aid wearer. Which in return gives the wearer better localization of sound and speech. 

Signia Assistant

Signia Assistant is a new efficient way to quickly address any adjustments you may desire. 93% of hearing aid wearers say the Signia Assistant increase their confidence to rely on their hearing aids and it lets them have a more tailored hearing experience.  Through the Signia app if offers small adjustments in a new revolutionary artificial intelligence platform that is accessible 24/7.

Inductive Charger II

The new inductive charger combines multiple features. The charger comes with a lid to protect the hearing aids. Its design also allows room for custom molds. It has a fast charging option, drying feature, and intuitive LED’s that provide information for the status of the battery level in the hearing aids. 

Battery Life and Streaming

The convenient charger gives the hearing aids a full charge in 3-4 hours. Additionally the first 30 minutes charges the hearing for 6 hours of use. Lithium ion batteries give the wearer a longer daily runtime, longer overall lifetime, shorter charging time, and increased convenience for the hearing aid wearer. From a full charge the hearing aids should provide 16-20 hours depending on Bluetooth usage (phone calls/streaming)