Phonak Hearing Aids

From Ear to Hear

Phonak, a Swiss manufacturer of hearing aids, was founded in 1947, with the mission to reconnect people with hearing loss to their loved ones and their passions. As an innovator in the field of audiology, Phonak has committed to not rest “until wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses.” In addition to their hearing aids, Phonak is famous for their market-leading hearing protection instruments, headsets, and assistive listening devices. All products are engineered with the aim to ease the consequences of hearing impairment and help people live their lives to the fullest.

Ear to Hear  is committed to delivering an extensive range of Phonak hearing devices that meet specific requirements of the most tech-savvy customers. Through Ear to Hear, wearers will find the most affordable prices for Phonak hearing aids. 

Phonak Paradise Audéo Hearing Aids

Built on the new Belong processing platform, Phonak’s Audéo family of hearing aids is innovative. The newest Audéo model, the Audeo P-R, is an exciting rechargeable hearing aid solution that does not require battery replacement for the life of the hearing aid. Using a lithium-ion battery – the same battery technology in your smartphones and laptops – the Audéo B-R requires just a single overnight charge for 24 hours of unlimited high-quality sound performance.

Audéo hearing aids are designed with a discreet silhouette and user-friendly controls. With a simple push button, Audéo hearing aids are easy to use. In terms of listening features, the Audéo family of hearing aids provides natural sound through AutoSense OS 4.0 – an automated system that reduces listening effort – and SoundRecover 2 – which provides natural sound. The Belong platform processes sounds every 0.4 seconds and uses over 200 settings to balance audio to provide wearers with a rich listening experience in any environment.

Audéo hearing aids are available in a number of styles and technology levels. Contact us at Ear to Hear Online to learn more about the best Phonak Audéo option for you.

Phonak Naida Hearing Aids

For people who experience severe to profound degrees of hearing loss, Ear to Hear offers the powerful Phonak Naida. Designed with the same great features as Phonak’s other models, the Naida maximizes your listening experience with even more access to speech and environmental sounds. Naida is a versatile, robust hearing aid, and though it packs a lot of punch with powerful listening features, it boasts a discreet and sleek design. 

Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

EartoHearOnline guarantees the first-class quality of delivered products and services at an online market price. The cost for Phonak hearing aids varies between $1800 and $4000 and depends on the model’s technology generation and integrated features.

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