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At Ear to Hear, we are proud to offer our patients the latest technology from Oticon.  Oticon is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aid technology. Founded in 1904 in Denmark, Oticon’s reputation as one of the oldest hearing aid brands means over a century of experience and innovation. With a mission of “people first,” Oticon’s research and development process takes into account the needs of their customers. They are best known for their BrainHearing Technology, a number of features that supports the brain in the auditory process.

Oticon’s current processing platform, Velox, is ultra-fast and powered by a tiny, powerful chip. By processing sounds 50 times faster than previous models, Velox provides Oticon hearing aids with incredible technology. Oticon hearing aid wearers who use the Velox platform report 20% reduction in listening effort in noisy environments and 20% more capacity to remember in challenging noise environments. Oticon hearing aids are designed to treat different types of hearing loss, from moderate to profound.


Oticon OPN is a ground-breaking hearing aid for the simple reason that it is completely different than traditional hearing aids. While traditional hearing aids provide wearers with a narrow cone of sound to encourage better focus, OPN is designed with an “open sound solution.” This means that wearers simultaneously experience the full soundscape of their environment, while Oticon listening features empower the brain to choose where to listen. Overall, OPN provides wearers with significant cognitive benefits, while requiring less effort to listen. With an open sound solution, wearers experience sound naturally and seamlessly. As a wireless hearing aid, OPN connects to your smartphone and other electronic devices, allowing you to stream phone calls, music, movies, and other audio directly to your ears.

OPN is also the first hearing aid to connect directly to the internet, through the web service If This Then That (ifttt.com), giving wearers access to an expansive catalog of everyday sounds, from alarms to alerts to monitors. Ear to Hear Online offers the OPN 1 mini-receiver-in-the-ear model, with iPhone direct connection.


Built around their trademark BrainHearing Technology, Oticon’s Ria and Alta hearing aid models support the brain in the auditory process. BrainHearing Technology consists of four main elements: Speech Guard (which supports speech intelligibility), Spatial Sound (which helps wearers identify the directionality of sound in their environment), Free Focus (which encourages flexible listening and shifts between sounds and conversations), and YouMatic (which provides personalization for the most natural listening experience).

Ear to Hear offers Alta, Nera, and Ria hearing aids in multiple technology levels. 


At Ear to Hear, we offer several different Oticon models in various shapes, sizes, and colors to meet your personal hearing needs.

We ensure our clients with the finest selection of Oticon hearing aids. To begin the process and experience the benefits of Oticon hearing aids, schedule a professional hearing test with us at Ear to Hear. Based on your audiogram results, our team of specialists will work with you for a personalized fitting of Oticon hearing aids. 

For a personalized experience, call us at 800-617-8366 to speak to one of our licensed audiologists.