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You may have already noticed, it is really difficult to find clear pricing for hearing aid models online. Often times, practices decline to disclose their pricing for one reason or another. At Ear to Hear, we’ve chosen to do things differently and provide pricing right here on our website.

Hearing Aid Prices can vary dramatically from practice to practice and city to city. This is partly due to the discretion of the practice owner but largely due to a practices relationship with the hearing aid manufacturer themselves. The better your relationship, the lower pricing you are able to receive per hearing aid.

We are proud to be an independently owned and operation hearing aid practice with locations across the country in Florida, Missouri, and Illinois. Having a few more stores allows us better negotiating power with the manufacturers, resulting in a lower price for our patients. Please check out our current prices below and contact us if there is a specific hearing aid model you are seeking that is not listed here. We are happy to help! To schedule a complimentary hearing consultation at one of our hearing centers, please contact us today!

Hearing Aid Price List

All hearing aids listed come with factory warranty and professional, our standard local service from your local Ear To Hear office. In addition, we are an authorized retailer for the top brands in hearing care. 

Factory Direct Pricing & Local Service

At Ear To Hear, we offer the best of both worlds. Internet pricing and local service from professionals you can trust. For more information, call us or visit one of our locations in Illinois, Missouri or Florida.
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