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Founded in 1943, ReSound is one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of hearing aids, known for pushing the boundaries of modern communication systems. Dedicated to developing smart audiology and connectivity, ReSound provides robust hearing technologies, along with user-oriented products. ReSound has a wide network of distributors and dealers worldwide and is represented in 25 countries.

Ear to Hear delivers an exclusive range of hearing aid models by ReSound. Whether you are new to hearing aids or are an experienced user, Ear to Hear provides easily-operated, innovative, and nearly-invisible hearing devices for both children and adults. With ReSound, wearers experience the multiple benefits of clear listening and speech recognition. Through Ear to Hear, wearers will find the most affordable prices on the best hearing aids from top manufacturers.

ReSound Hearing Aids from a Trusted Retailer

We are proud to be authorized retailers of ReSound Hearing Aids in Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Florida. We have a direct relationship with ReSound resulting in a reliable and consistent experience for our clients.  As an authorized ReSound retailer, we are able to offer our patients the comfort in knowing their hearing aids have been properly tested and inspected for defects and come with a manufacturer warranty. Our professional hearing aid specialists receive ongoing education on new technological features available to patients from ReSound. Our specialists are therefore able to program your new ReSound hearing aids to the highest manufacturer standard, ensuring you the best listening experience possible. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if ReSound hearing aids are right for you!

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Since their founding, ReSound has been committed to developing sophisticated hearing technologies. In recent years, ReSound has responded to consumer demand for smart, flexible, discreet, and powerful hearing devices.

LiNX is ReSound’s Made for iPhone hearing aid. Now offering its third and fourth generations, LiNX 3D & Quattro have evolved into an incredible portfolio of hearing aid options. Through a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone (iPhone and Android), LiNX combines discreet design and fail-safe streaming. With LiNX, you can stream your phone calls, movies, music, and other audio directly to your ears, providing a seamless and natural listening experience. A geo-tagging option archives your personal listening options depending on the location; when you return, LiNX automatically adjusts to your saved settings for an optimal listening experience. The accompanying ReSound app allows you to make adjustments to volume and program features, such as Spatial Sense and Binaural Directionality. As a wireless, digital hearing aid, LiNX is also compatible with the iPad or iPod, as well as a number of assistive listening accessories available through ReSound.

ReSound has built LiNX 3D and LiNX Quattro with a unique advantage: they offer remote fine-tuning through the ReSound Assist app. If you require changes to your listening experience, there’s no need to go out of your way to our offices for adjustments to program features. Remote fine-tuning assistance means you can make a request to your audiologist at Ear to Hear and we’ll send you updates that you can upload directly to your LiNX hearing aids. This remote access ensures that your listening experience will always be optimal and personalized.

At Ear to Hear, we offer a variety of technology and performance levels for the LiNX hearing aids . For an extra boost, we offer LiNX packages and bundles that are paired with the ReSound TV Streamer and Mini Microphone for the iPhone or the ReSound TV Streamer and PhoneClip+ for Android users.


Through Ear to Hear, ReSound hearing aid models provide crystal sound performance and advanced voice recognition technology. Our online catalog features detailed descriptions and actual pictures of ReSound devices. ReSound hearing aids are available in through Ear to Hear for reasonable prices, varying between $2,800 to $4,000 a pair.

To begin the process and experience the benefits of ReSound hearing aids, schedule a professional hearing test with us at Ear to Hear. Based on your audiogram results, our team of specialists will work with you for a personalized fitting of ReSound hearing aids.