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Starkey Halo IQ: Overview

The Halo IQ is Starkey’s most smartphone compatible hearing aid to hit the market. The Halo IQ uses advanced noise cancelling technology and directional microphones to vastly improve sound quality and make conversations easier and more enjoyable – even in today’s complex listening environments. Combined with the personalized control available on Starkey’s TruLink app, the Halo IQ is a truly remarkable device.

Starkey Halo IQ Features

Acuity Immersion Directionality – Acuity Immersion Directionality is advanced technology that makes listening easier, even in the noisy listening environments. This hearing aid technology uses directional microphones that are designed to provide accurate background noise reduction and restore the nature listening benefits provided by our ears. With immersion directionality, those with hearing loss can more easily hold conversations with groups of people, and can hear and participate in conversations all around them, even in environments with plenty of background noise.

Improved Feedback Cancellation – Halo IQ hearing aids boast “best in-class” feedback cancellation technology – virtually eliminating that bothersome feedback noise that can be heard with some hearing aids. This feedback cancellation technology eliminates feedback in complex listening environments, as well as while streaming important phone conversations of your favorite jam.

Enhanced Smartphone Connectivity with the TruLink App – Greatly improve your phone communication with the Halo IQ. These hearing aids can stream music, phone conversations, podcasts or whatever else you are into – directly to your hearing aids. This technology is currently only available on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and the Apple watch, however, connectivity features can be accessed on Android devices using the company’s TruLink app, and the company is actively striving to create more connectivity for Android users. Enjoy crisp, clear, phone calls – directly through your hearing aids.

State-of-the-Art Tinnitus Relief – Many people with hearing loss also experience tinnitus – an annoying ringing or buzzing in one or both of the ears. Through the TruLink app, users can access Starkey’s Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology to customize their tinnitus treatment to meet them exactly where they are.

Enhanced Personalization – Through the TruLink app, users can modify both the SoundSpace and Noise Manager to easily and quickly adjust and personalize their features, settings, and preferences. This can be adjusted to improve the listening experience for different locations and different listening environments. The app will then remember these settings and will automatically revert to them when you return to the same location – with its advanced geotagging capabilities.

Intuitive Geotagging – New to the Halo IQ hearing aids are its advanced geotagging technologies. By utilizing the GPS features already installed on your Apple or Android smartphone, the Halo IQ hearing aids are able to intuitively and automatically adjust to different settings when you arrive at different locations. For example, your hearing aids will automatically switch to your “home” settings when you arrive home, your “work” settings when you arrive at work, and even your “restaurant” settings when you arrive at your favorite happy hour spot.

Durability and Dependability – Halo IQ hearing aids are both durable and reliable. These hearing aids employ an advanced water repellent system and are also resistant to dust and debris, allowing these dependable hearing aids to keep up with you and your active lifestyle.

TruLink Remote – Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still enjoy the many benefits of the Halo IQ. With the TruLink Remote accessory, uses can access many of the apps best features, without access to a smart device.

Halo IQ Wearing Styles

The Halo IQ hearing aid is currently available in two distinct styles. The Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) style and the Behind-The-Ear (BTE) style. Both hearing aids are power packed with the same advanced features, and offer a similar look. Reach out to your local hearing aid specialist or audiologist to learn more about the hearing aid features and styles available in the advanced Halo IQ.