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You will hear from us by phone within 24 hours. We will call you from

Inquiries received on weekends will be answered on the next business day.

What to expect at your appointment

Your appointment will last approximately one hour. During that time,  our knowledgeable Hearing Care Professional will guide you through 5 simple steps:


First, we’ll review your medical history including any medications you currently take, and discuss if you have any ear-related symptoms or hearing concerns.


Then, we’ll conduct a physical exam of your ears including looking in your ears with an otoscope.


These non-invasive tests will show the level at which you hear tones and speech, providing valuable information about your hearing.


Your Hearing Care Professional will discuss the test results with you and provide a solution. 


Try on a pair of hearing aids and experience the sound of better hearing.

We encourage you to bring a family member or friend with you too. An “extra set of ears” can be helpful for remembering information shared during the appointment.