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The latest technology

Our hearing aid specialists are continuously trained on the latest hearing aid technology available.

Expert care & service

Each of our providers are licensed in their state as hearing aid specialists, and provide expert service and care.

The top brands

As an independent hearing aid practice, we offer the best hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Factory Warranties

At Ear to Hear, each new hearing aid comes standard with a factory warranty & 30-day money back guarantee.

What We Offer

Hearing Aids

hearing aids

We offer expert guidance on finding the right hearing aid for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget considerations. We carry hearing aids from the top brands in the industry. 

Hearing Tests

hearing Tests

Receive a free comprehensive hearing test for a clear understanding of your current hearing abilities. An updated hearing exam is a great place to start your journey to better hearing. 

Hearing Aid Repair

hearing aid repair

We repair hearing aids of most makes and models. No matter where you purchased your aids or how old they are, we can typically clean, repair or reprogram your devices 

Insurance Processing

Internet Pricing for Hearing Aids

We work with all insurance companies to make sure you are able to get the best technology at the best coverage. Schedule a appointment to see what your insurance covers here.

Factory warranties

Factory Warranties for Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids come with factory warranties (typically 3 years) direct from the manufacturer. We are an authorized retailer, so you can have peace of mind knowing your hearing aids are covered. 

local service

Local Hearing Aid Service

No need to worry about where to get your hearing aids serviced or adjusted. We have helpful licensed professionals at over 45 locations.  Find one of our hearing aid centers here

About us

We are a hearing care practice with local hearing aid centers in Illinois, Missouri and Florida. 

Our mission

We are dedicated to helping the hearing impaired live better lives through improved communication. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

What are the causes of hearing loss?

There are several factors that can cause hearing loss, including simply growing older.  Some common causes of hearing loss include, excessive noise exposure (due to hunting, noisy machinery, loud music etc), health conditions, infections, genetics, oto-toxic medications, and more.

What are the different types of hearing loss?

Generally hearing loss can be categorized as either sensorineural, conductive, or a mixture of the two. Treatment options vary depending on an individuals type and degree of hearing loss.

What is conductive hearing loss?

Conductive hearing loss is caused by a condition or disease that blocks or impedes the movement of sound waves throughout the outer or middle ear resulting in a reduction in loudness or clarity of sound that reaches the inner ear. The treatment for conductive loss may include medical or surgical intervention. Our hearing professionals  have been trained to make the appropriate medical referral when appropriate.

What is sensorineural hearing loss?

Sensorineural hearing loss is the result of damage to the neurons within the inner ear or auditory nerve dysfunction. Those with sensorineural hearing loss experience reduced intensity (loudness) of certain frequencies, often the frequencies associated with speech. Sensorineural hearing loss is typically irreversible and permanent and treated with hearing aids.

When should I get a hearing test?

It takes most people several years to notice the gradual onset of hearing loss. So if you are starting to have problems hearing certain voices, if you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves, if others seem to mumble, or if you need to turn the TV volume up to a level uncomfortable for others to enjoy – these are signs that it’s time to test your hearing.

Hearing loss can negatively affect one’s emotional and social well being, which can lead to depression, isolation from others, strained relationships, and insecurity.

A hearing test is simple for the patient and the cost is covered by almost all medical insurances, including Medicare.

Can hearing aids help me hear better in group conversations?

Short answer: Yes.

Modern hearing aid technology is incredibly advanced, allowing wearers to effortlessly focus their listening attention on the speaker even in complex group situations. Often working professionals find company meetings much easier to follow after they received properly programmed hearing aids. 

When visiting our hearing professionals, they will assess your current lifestyle and listening requirements to provide a sound recommendation for hearing aid technology that will work well for you.